Chuck Holden Memorial Page


1925 - 2010

Charles “Chuck” W. Holden, 85, of Napa, died peacefully at home April 1, 2010, following a lengthy illness.

A native of Stratford County, Iowa, Chuck had lived in Napa since the early 50s. 

He served as a pharmacist’s mate in the U.S. Navy during World War II and retired as a sergeant from the Napa Police Department after 20 years service.

He was blessed to have loved two women in his life, Myra Holden and Ginger Chaney, both of whom preceded him in death. He is survived by two daughters: Michelle Chaney, and Tami Herrera, her husband Ricardo, and their children, Gabriella and Michelle. He also leaves longtime friend, Steve Robertson, and his beloved five-year-old Chihuahua, “J.D.”

 Memorial services where held for Officer Holden at 2pm on Friday, April 9 at Treadway & Wigger Funeral Chapel

Source Article: Napa Valley Register


Officer Holden was involved in many community outreach programs. The picture on the left was taken in 1965 and shows Officer Holden using a working scale model of a traffic signal demonstrating traffic safety to the Junior Traffic Patrol.

The picture and the article can be found on page 51 of Napa County Police By Todd L. Shulman. Or it can be viewed by clicking here.







People on the Napa Valley Register website have been leaving their condolensces and remembering officer Holden and his work in Napa County. These comments can be viewed in there entirty by clicking the link above on the Napa Valley Register website and then clicking discussion. Some of their comments are as follows.

Napagirl65 - "Seargeant Holden was a truly wonderful man - a wonderful mentor to kids. My fondest memory is being a Lt. Commander of the traffic patrol under his guidance. He surely has his "ticket" to heaven!"

mom2priceboys - "I to remember sgt holden from safety patrol at lincoln school always respected and listend to him you could not go wrong rip sgt holden. randy price"

my3sons - "My heart goes out to the family of Sgt. Holden. He was such an influance on so many children in the traffic patrol program. He has given me wonderful momeries. I am sure what he taught us with the games simon says and marching helped me in basic training in the US Air Force."

Retirednapacop - "Sgt. Chuck Holden was a police professional, an 'old school cop' before the days of semi-automatic pistols, DNA and instant information accessed via computers. I'm sure that many officers with the PD today did not know him or his contributition to Napa. But that is the way of life, I think, and will always be that way. Not wrong, just a bit sad! I had the pleasure of working with him many many years ago, and was a better officer because of it. I remained in touch with Chuck and just spoke to him recently, and he seemed fine. He had just finally arrived home following a broken hip rehabilitation. Sgt. Holden will be well recieved whereever he has gone, and will still no doubt be calling the shots up there as well. Rest in Peace, Sarge. You've earned it!"