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Napa County Peace Officers Association


Napa County Peace Officers Association Serving the Peace Officers of Napa County since 1942


The NCPOA has been disbanded, This site has been put here for historical purposes. It is no longer possible to pay your dues or donate any money to the NCPOA from this website.

The purpose of the NCPOA is to advance the science and art of police administration and crime prevention; to support our widow and orphan fund; to secure cooperation and coordination of law enforcement and related agencies; to achieve adherence of all peace officers to high professional standards of conduct; and generally, to support the administration of justice to the end that full protection may be afforded all law-abiding citizens of California.
The membership is open to all FT, permanently employed Federal law enforcement officers, State peace officers (CHP, Fish and Game, BNE, ABC, Parole Officers, Arson Investigator for CalFire ,Railroad Police and Napa State Hospital Police), FT permanently employed attorneys in the Napa DA, FT permanently employed Napa County Probation Officers, FT permanently employed peace officers (830.1(a)), FT permanently employed Arson Investigators of incorporated areas and fire districts in Napa County, FT permanently employed member of this association in good standing for 5 years prior to becoming a judge in Napa County, and all the above must be assigned to duties in Napa County.  If retired, a member in good standing prior to retirement is a full member.   Dues are $25 annually.
Associate members (non-voting members without benefits) are peace officers or retired peace officers who do not fit into the regular membership category.  Dues are $12 annually.
Life members are those members who are in good standing for 25 years who have reached their 65th birthday.  They pay no annual dues.

- $2,500 death benefit paid to the beneficiary of your choosing after 5 years in the organization (1 year if  you are still working and the death is from natural causes)

- Belonging to a non-profit organization that assists local charities and provides scholarships for those interested in entering the field of law enforcement

- Several social functions occur each year to bring various law enforcement agencies together to enjoy each others’ company. 

The Napa County Peace Officers' Association was incorporated in the State of California on July 31, 1950 and is a non-profit, community-based organization. The originating documents indicate the organization was formed to advance the science and art of police administration, as well as to foster and develop a spirit of unity and fraternity among the many peace officers who worked for different police agencies in Napa County. The organization has continued to evolve as modern policing has also evolved, but the organization is still a place where peace officers from different agencies can get to know one another and improve their ability to work together in the field. The Napa County Peace Officers' Association conducts fundraisers to support community needs, offers scholarships for those pursuing law enforcement careers, and provides benefits to family members who may be widowed or orphaned from the death of a law enforcement officer.


Napa County Peace Officers Association
Post Office Box 216
Napa, California 94559