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Napa Valley Railroad Police work cooperatively with other railroad law enforcement agencies and with the Operation Life Saver Program.  The enforcement part of Operation Life Saver includes having officers ride on board freight and passenger trains to better spot dangerous violations of the law such as trespassing and failing to stop at rail grade crossings. 

This is the view from a locomotive of trespassers on railroad property.  Notice how close they are to the train and how dangerous trespassing can be.  At this distance, there is no way the train could stop in time to avoid hitting these two law violators.

These photos were taken in Hayward as part of a Public Train Awareness Day.  Napa Valley Railroad Police Chief, Jeff Hullquist, attended this event along with other Operation Life Saver program participants.

On December 31, 2005, a series of major storms poured rain over the Napa Valley and caused the Napa river to flood.  Although flooding in Napa is not uncommon, this flood was one of epic proportions.  Railroad police were on duty throughout the first 48 hours of this disaster.  Officers blocked off flooded intersections, help direct citizens to safety, and took a lead role in salvaging damaged railroad equipment.

  A view of the Napa train station from Soscol Ave.   Water pours over the tracks and station platform.
 The Napa river flows just under the 1st street trestle.   Soscol Ave. looking north near Vallejo St.
  Looking north from First St after the water receded.    From the train yard looking east at 8th street.
  The Napa river overflows into our train yard.   Crews remove debris from the Dry Creek trestle.
  Officer Groth at the firearms range preparing to qualify.   Railroad police car at a community event.



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