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 Who do I call to make a report related to the railroad?

To report an in-progress, life-threatening emergency, call 9-1-1.  

  • Tell the dispatcher where you are and what is happening.
  • Stay on the line with the dispatcher in case responding officers have questions for you.

To report all crimes occurring on railroad property, including the commissary, McKinstry Street train station, and all railroad right-of-ways, call  707-477-5955.

To report a malfunctioning railroad crossing signal, call 707-595-0911 or contact Summit Signal

To report property lost or left behind on a train or on railroad property, call 707-477-5955.

To report damage or vandalism to railroad property, call 707-258-0504 or 707-477-5955.

To contact a Napa Valley Railroad Police Officer for non-emergency business, call 707-251-5218.

Napa Valley Railroad Police are available 24 hours a day.  707-477-5955 is the number for the on duty officer.  If you call this number and receive the voice mail greeting, leave a message so the officer on duty can return your call.  If you are reporting an emergency, hang up and dial 9-1-1.

If you are calling for the Napa Valley Railroad Company, call 707-258-0504.

If you are calling for the Napa Valley Wine Train, call 707-253-2111.

 How can I get a Napa Valley Railroad Police uniform patch?

We do not sell or trade uniform patches.  Several people have tried to reproduce our patch and sell them on ebay and on other internet websites.  None of the duplications are authorized and all are considered to be a copyright violation.

 Are Napa Valley Railroad Police Officers "real cops?"

Yes.  Every one of our peace officers is a fully empowered police officer under the authority of section 830.33(e) of the California Penal Code.  Our officers have peace officer authority 24 hours a day anywhere in the State of California the same as any city police officer our county deputy sheriff.  Our primary jurisdiction extends to in and around property of the Napa Valley Railroad.

 Are Railroad Police Officers trained the same way a city police officer is trained?

Yes.  Although the law does not require equivalent training, we hire only individuals who have training equivalent to the basic police academy - the same training that all city police officers and county deputy sheriffs complete.  In addition, our officers receive specialized training in grade crossing collision investigation, train accident investigation, and Operation Lifesaver presentation.

 Can Napa Valley Railroad Police Officers write traffic tickets?

Yes.  Our officers can enforce all of the laws of the State of California including all sections of the California Vehicle Code.  Enforcement is an essential component of carrying out our public safety mission.  We focus our attention on violations related to the railroad.

 Why does the Railroad need its own police department?  Is there that much crime?

The Napa Valley Railroad Company operates its own police department with the intention of limiting its reliance on public resources.  The Napa Valley Wine Train carries up to 350 people at a time on one train.  The railroad line includes over 90 public and private crossings that run over and alongside Highway 29.  Our mission includes protecting the patrons, employees, and assets of the railroad.  We believe that our presences is the most effective deterrent to crime.

 How does the local community benefit from the Napa Valley Railroad Police?

Our department is committed to supporting the law enforcement mission of all agencies in Napa County.  We participate in the county's law enforcement mutual aid agreement and regularly assist the Napa County Sheriff's Department, Napa Police Department, and St. Helena Police Department in our daily work.  Our officers drive marked patrol cars and will take action any time they witness a violation of the law. 

All of the revenue generated by the enforcement actions we take (fines collected from traffic tickets or other criminal cases) is returned to the local government entity where the violation occurred.  The Napa Valley Railroad Company does not receive ANY funding from any its enforcement actions.  No public funds are used to operate the Napa Valley Railroad Police Department.  Therefore the local community is being provided with an additional law enforcement resource at no cost to tax payers.

We believe in the community policing philosophy that includes preventing crime before it occurs.  Operation Lifesaver is a community education program designed to inform the public about safety issues related to the railroad.  Specifically, Operation Lifesaver informs drivers about hazards in and around railroad crossings.  This program reduced accidents significantly around the country.  The Napa Valley Railroad Police Department provides Operation Lifesaver presentations to any community or school group in Napa County free of charge.  Call 707-251-5218 for more information.



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