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All Vehicle Code violations are Infractions (I) unless otherwise noted.

21453(a) VC - Failure to stop behind limit line for red traffic signal (I)

21456(b) VC - Pedestrian crossing against "don't walk" or "wait" signal (I)

21461(a) VC - Failure to obey signs and signals (I)

21461.5 VC - Pedestrian fail to stop for railroad crossing signal (I)

21651(a) VC - Driving vehicle over or upon center divider (I)

21752 VC - Passing at a grade crossing (I)

21950(a) VC - Driver failing to yield to pedestrian in a crosswalk (I)

21955 VC - Pedestrian crossing between signal controlled intersections (I)

22101(d) VC - Failure to obey an official traffic control device (I)

22450 VC - Failure to stop at limit line of stop sign at entrance or within a railroad crossing (I)

22451(a) VC - Failure to stop at activated railroad crossing signal (I)

22452(b) VC - Special vehicles (buses, hazmat carriers, tank trucks) failing to stop more than 15 feet from tracks before crossing (I)

22521 VC - Parking within 7 1/2 feet of a railroad track (I)

22526(c) VC - Blocking rail crossing (I)

Transit Related Infractions

602.7 PC - Peddling without permission of transit authority.

640(b)(1) PC- Evade fare.

640(b)(2) PC - Misuse fare media.

640(b)(3) PC - Play sound equipment

640(b)(4) PC - Smoke eat or drink on board system.

640(b)(5) PC - Spit on system.

640(b)(6) PC - Boisterous or unruly on board system.

640(b)(6)(11)(A) PC - Unauthorized use of a discount ticket.

374.4(a) PC - Littering.

Reference and Authority Sections

7656 Public Utilities Code - Passenger must display ticket on request, failure to do so may result in ejection.

8226 Public Utilities Code - Railroads may appoint police officers, commissioned by the Governor.

2188 Civil Code - Ejection authorized for violation of system rules.

12953 VC - Crew members not required to present driver's license at scene of collision, nor may citation be written against crew member's driver's license involving the operation of the train.

13201 VC - Allows court to suspend driver's license of a violator of 22452 VC.

22656 VC - Peace officer may order any vehicle parked on or within 7 1/2 feet of railroad track to be towed and stored.

Rail Related Penal Code Sections

148.1(A) PC - False bomb report (F)

212.5(a) PC - Robbery of a transit passenger (F)

214 PC - Train robbery (F)

218 PC - Train wrecking (attempt)(F)

219 PC - Wrecking or derailing a train (F)

219.1 PC - Throw object at common carrier vehicle (includes train) with intent to wreck or cause bodily harm (F)

219.2 PC - Shoot missile or throw hard object at train (M or F if injury)

241.3 PC - Assault on transit personnel or passenger (M)

243.3 PC - Battery on transit personnel or passenger (M or F)

245.2 PC - Assault with deadly weapon on transit personnel or passenger (F)

369(d) PC - Fail to close gates at private railroad crossing (M)

369(g) PC - Drive vehicle on railroad track or right of way (M)

369(h) PC - Signs or lights tending to mislead railroad employees and endanger safety (M)

369(i) PC - Interfere with railroad operation, includes trespassing (M)

374.3(a) PC - Illegal dumping (M)

374.8(b) PC - Dumping hazardous substance (M or F)

402(c) PC - Interfering with personnel at the scene of an emergency (M)

481.1(a) PC - Fare media; counterfeit, forge or alter (F)

481.1(b) PC - Possess counterfeit, altered fare media (M)

483 PC - Common carrier tickets, sales to persons not entitled to use (M)

555 PC - Trespass on posted (every 600 feet) railroad or transit property (M)

555.1 PC - Tear down, deface or destroy any sign posted in accordance with 553, 554 and 554.1 PC (M)

556.1 PC - Unlawfully placing or maintaining a sign on private property (M)

587.2 PC - Placing objects on rails (M or F)

587(a) PC - Tamper with air brakes or safety equipment, includes signs and signals (M)

587(b) PC - Trespass on a railroad train (M)

587(c) PC - Evade railroad fare (M)

587.1(a) PC - Move a locomotive without permission (M)

587.1(b) PC - Moving a locomotive without permission creating a likelihood of injury (F)

590 PC - Tamper with milepost marker (M)

594 PC - Vandalism (M or F)

594.1(a) PC - Minor possessing aerosol paint can (M)

594.2 PC - Possess etching device with intent to deface property (M)

12303.1 PC - Carrying or placing destructive device aboard a train or any vehicle transporting passengers for hire.




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